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ATCA: More Accurate OH Maser Positions from the SPLASH Pilot Region     [2017-02-24]
OH masers, the first astrophysical maser ever detected in the space, opened an exciting and rapidly growing area of research. As a high-sensitivity survey of OH masers in our Galaxy, the Southern Parkes Large-Area Survey in Hydroxyl (SPLASH) has shown typical features of OH masers. However, due t... more
Most-downloaded Paper: Dimming on the Sun related with Solar Explosions     [2017-01-19]
According to the Americal Astronomical Society (AAS) Nova Highlights, “The Nature of CME-Flare-Associated Coronal Dimming”, the Astrophysical Journal paper written by Dr. CHENG Jianxia from CAS Key Laboratory of Planetary Sciences, Shanghai Astronomical Observatory (SHAO), Chinese Academy of Sc... more
A Seminar by Center for Astro-geodynamics Research     [2017-01-16]
The first seminar.Of Center for Astro - geodynamics Research was held at SHAO on January 10 th , which is also a part of serial seminars co-held by CAR ( Center for Astro-geodynamics Research ) and KLPS ( Key Laboratory of Planetary Sciences , CAR ) .Dozens of researchers and students attended th... more
A pair of monster black holes revealed in a nearby galaxy     [2016-11-09]
Recently , a second supermassive black hole with a compact radio jet has been surprisingly found by radio astronomers from China and Europe in the outskirts of the nearby giant spiral galaxy NGC.A PhD student supervised by Dr . LIU Xiang from Xinjiang Astronomical Observatory of China . “ Most l... more
W020161014562422335418.gif Is Blazar Flux Variation in Complete Electromagnetic Spectrum Intrinsic?     [2016-10-14]
It is believed that blazars show flux variability in complete electromagnetic (EM) spectrum on all possible timescales varying from few minutes to several years. A recent study led by Alok C. Gupta, a visiting scientist of Shanghai Astronomical Observatory (SHAO) shows that blazars are not nece... more
The 10th English Salon by the Labour Union Group of the Center for Astro-geod...     [2016-10-12]
A wonderful English salon titled “ The Evolution of Different Cultures in Pakistan ” , as a part of serial activities by the labour union group of the Center for Astro-geodynamics Research , was held at SHAO on September 28th .Shan Munawar , from Pakistan , joined and , from a native ’ s persp... more
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