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The 9th English Salon by the Labour Union Group of the Center for Astro-geody...     [2016-08-24]
A fascinating English salon titled “An astronomer’s eyes above clouds, an amateur’s glance at aviation”, as a part of serial activities by the labour union group of the Center for Astro-geodynamics Research, was held at SHAO on August 8th. Dr. Dali Kong from University of Exeter, UK, with his... more
IAG/CPGPS International Conference on GNSS+ (ICG+ 2016)     [2016-08-10]
Nowadays , multi-Global Navigation Satellite Systems ( GNSS ) have been developed and widely used , including US ' s GPS , Russia ' s GLONASS , China ' s BeiDou and EU ' s Galileo as well as regional systems .Shanghai , China . The recent advances , opportunities and challenges on GNSS were prese... more
Discovery: The First Young Planetary Nebula Showing the Strongest 1720 MHz OH...     [2016-08-05]
In about 5 billion years, our sun will evolve to be a red giant, expanding out beyond the orbit of Venus. When our sun has used up its fuel, its core will collapse and its outer gas layer will be expelled by strong stellar winds. After being illuminated by the ultraviolet radiation of the hot lu... more
The 8th English Salon Was Held by the Labour Union Group of the Center for As...     [2016-07-14]
As a part of serial activities by the labour union group of the Center for Astro-geodynamics Research , a fascinating English salon titled “ Sea Navigation ” was held at SHAO on July 6th .Andy Calabia from Spain joined and shared with us many practical techniques as well as great happiness .Res... more
A Presentation by Dr. Li Yiliang from the University of Hong Kong     [2016-07-14]
Dr . Li Yiliang , from Department of Earth Sciences , the University of Hong Kong , gave us a splendid presentation titled “ Astrobiology : The Origin , Evolution and Destiny of life in the Universe ” on invitation at SHAO , 5 July .With great enthusiasm , dozens of researchers and students att... more
Revealing the outer reaches of the Milky Way with LAMOST     [2016-07-05]
An international team of researchers , led by Shanghai Astronomical Observatory , have uncovered a new technique for peering into the outer-most regions of our Galaxy .Left : An illustration showing the Sagittarius dwarf galaxy being devoured by the Milky Way . This process leaves long tails of d... more
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